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State of the Art Odoo Infrastructure

How you deploy Odoo for users is about to change.

In this message I would like to present you with some of the concepts we invented to enable development, deployment and maintenance of Odoo installations with minimum systems administration effort.

Core Technologies

Autopilot is built on fundamentally 3 technologies — GIT, Docker containers and Kubernetes container-orchestration.

Solution Sets

Autopilot combines GIT repositories from where custom modules will be pulled, the base Odoo version and settings (language, localisation etc), the standard Apps from Odoo SA, and their configurations each, to produce a so called Solution Set.

Solution Sets are used to automatically produce Odoo instances, in exact configurations prescribed in the snapshot.yaml (see below).

Obviously, Solution Sets are reusable to produce any number of Clones (see below). The ideal use case for this feature is to maintain you own vertical solution, saved as a Solution Set once and delivered in a few clicks for pre-sales, developers, training purposes and customers.

Autopilot allows you to maintain unlimited number of Solution Sets.


A simple Odoo Module (App) called snapshot takes a snapshot of any existing Odoo installation, and produces a YAML file – the snapshot.yaml. This YAML file contains a blue-print of all modules, their settings, and the settings of the base Odoo installation.

The snapshot module is available opensource free of cost for Versions 11, 12 and 13.


Every instance of Odoo that is deployed by Autopilot is called a Clone. Clones are created based on Solution Sets.

As a simple paradigm of Word processor documents – you can think of snapshot.yaml as the table-of-contents (document definition), the Solution Set as the document template, and the Clones as the actual documents you would use day-in-day-out.

Due to the underlying container technology, Clones can be created, destroyed, started or stopped at a single command.

In addition, Autopilot has been set up in such a way that it’s possible to have multiple replicas of clones available at any time, to ensure redundancy and load-balancing. These advanced topics of redundancy and load-balancing will be treated in a different white-paper.

Ultimate Benefit

Autopilot’s ultimate benefit is to save time for developers & sysadmins, increase reliability of Odoo systems and scale performance from few users to few hundreds. We achieve this by applying established cloud concepts.


Originally, this is the motivation why we built Autopilot.

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