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Why Secure Odoo ERP Data?

Why is it important to think about the security of Odoo ERP? It is critically important to protect ERP data, because personal and fiduciary information is contained in ERP systems, like Odoo. If compromised, the company and its customers are exposed to competitive threats. There are 3 […]

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Odoo Backups, if Security Fails

We know we need backups, but are you backing up your Odoo ERP regularly? Murphy’s law suggests: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, and it does at the worst moment possible!   There are a number of vulnerabilities that make a web-based software system exploitable.  Thomas, our […]

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ERP Data & Privacy Audit for Odoo

GDPR sets the European legal framework for the collection and processing of personal information. Fun fact: GDPR fines totalled $63 million in its first year, 2018! Thomas Saliou our security expert gives helpful tips to companies using Odoo ERP about GDPR compliance. Who must comply with the […]

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UAC Security

What should Users of the Odoo ERP do in ensuring that the system is secure? While you are taking the time to upload that upbeat song you heard on the radio, a cyber-attack just occurred. Fun fact: there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds! I believe […]

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Perimeter Security for Odoo

What measures must be taken on the network perimeter to secure an Odoo server? The network perimeter is not a static barrier that’s surrounding our system, rather a dynamic one. What makes it dynamic are the systems that interact with the network perimeter. So the question is: […]

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