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Onboarding OdooHire Developers

Below is an anonymised excerpt from important information provided to a new customer of OdooHire.

Dear John,

Thank you for your mail.

  • My programmers have experience between 1 to 3 years of Odoo programming.
  • All have experience of 6+ projects, sometimes over 20.
  • All have client communication experience.
  • And we always pair 2 programmers for each client (no matter the size of customer-engagement).

However, it’s really important, that at the beginning of the collaboration, the programmers are briefed about your coding procedures, and standard-practices.
If you have a standard onboarding procedure for your new employees, it can be shared with our programmers.

The result will be a more harmonised collaboration among the developers and their counterpart on your team.

Hope that gives more insight.


On 26. Jun 2020, 16:02 +0200,, wrote:

Hello Ashant,

I have question regarding the rate.

You explain
– EUR 1200 for 40h
– EUR 1800 for 80h
– EUR 2400 for 120h

What is the ODOO dev level from a person at this rate ? It is a senior dev ? or a junior dev ?

Thanks for your answer and best regards.

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