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Developer Roadmap 2019

No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.
– Jack Welch, Chairman Emeritus, General Electric

At Simplify-ERP® we like to go into our future together. We have a powerful impact on our clients’ digitalization needs.  Our Digital Transformations team got together outside our offices and brainstormed about how our 2019 journey will look like.

The workshop covered:

  • Problems we will solve in 2019 for our clients
  • Technologies we will be using, and new ones to explore, and
  • a vision for where we want to be at the end of 2019

This is part of the atmosphere from the 2019 Roadmap session:

Professional Development


Professional Development


Professional Development


Professional Development


Professional Development


At Simplify-ERP®, we constantly reinvent our position in the company as developers and our relation to our profession. We are encouraged to challenge the traditional relationship between a developer and client.

And this is what our team-players attending the 2019 Roadmap session had to say:

“Now we have more knowledge about how to interact with the clients and how to lead them to solutions that will make their and our business grow.”
–  Ljupka, Python developer for Enterprise Applications.

“[Workshops like this] enable us to contribute more and do better work. In this presentation, all of us were discussing. 10 people do not do 10 times more work than 1 person. They might create 30, 40 times more than 1 person because they have a lot more than 1 person. They are able to create better work by hearing different ideas.”
– Binjamin, Python Developer for Enterprise and Mobile Apps.

“[The presentation] definitely brightened up my whole picture in my further job fulfillment.”
– Gjorgji, Python developer for Enterprise Applications.

“It guided me to start to think from client perspective also and be proactive. Also gave me an overview of where the company is going and how can I contribute to that.”
– Toshe, Enterprise Application Developer.

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