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LetterBox Imports

Often customers provide product (or other type) of data in the form of flat-files. These files carry dynamic data, such as stock and price, which need to be made available in Odoo, for driving live ERP processes. A background script embedded into Scheduled Actions reads the flat-files […]

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Onboarding OdooHire Developers

Below is an anonymised excerpt from important information provided to a new customer of OdooHire. Dear John, Thank you for your mail. My programmers have experience between 1 to 3 years of Odoo programming. All have experience of 6+ projects, sometimes over 20. All have client communication […]

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Odoo with Allocloud – VoIP for CRM

We are happy to announce the deployment of Odoo CRM in combination with Allocloud VoIP cloud-telephony for a sales-office of 5 sales-reps, making about 1000 calls per week. Receiving numbers are throughout Europe. Grandstream Wave SIP client is used on Android and Apple mobile-phones. Calls can be […]

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How do you do migrations between versions?

Is this supported or do we need to do this ourselves? There is no way to automate upgrades between versions, especially for vertical-solutions, even more so if they are customised. So the Odoo programmer responsible for the customer, project and vertical-solution will have to do it himself […]

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What are the requirements for the underlying hardware for the customer machines?

Can it be run on a dedicated machine or does it always need to be Google Cloud, Amazon, etc. At the moment SPYN runs on its own native cluster. It’s scalable to 100K+ Odoo instances. In future public-clouds like AWS, GCP and Azure will be enabled. SPYN […]

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Can SPYN use multiple GIT repositories at the same time?

Or does it need to be in one repository? Yes, SPYN allows you to pull code from multiple GIT repos. Both the Web_UI and CLI client allows for https:// GIT URLS to be specified per module. SPYN manages source-code in 3 parts. Source code of the Odoo […]

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Updates for all components

Are you secure when exposing your Odoo ERP on E-commerce and the website? The number of Cyber-attacks has skyrocketed in recent years. Even SMEs are not spared. 43% of breaches involved small businesses! Let’s give this fact a thought. We interviewed our security expert Thomas SALIOU to […]

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UAC Security

What should Users of the Odoo ERP do in ensuring that the system is secure? While you are taking the time to upload that upbeat song you heard on the radio, a cyber-attack just occurred. Fun fact: there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds! I believe […]

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Perimeter Security for Odoo

What measures must be taken on the network perimeter to secure an Odoo server? The network perimeter is not a static barrier that’s surrounding our system, rather a dynamic one. What makes it dynamic are the systems that interact with the network perimeter. So the question is: […]

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