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We Are Passionate, Committed and Creative.

The SIMPLIFY-ERP team consists of young people passionate about creating great software. We believe in the power of teamwork. For this reason, we create, think and do together. Our team members’ talent, motivation and commitment is what drives us towards success.
Our focus is narrow, but our purpose is big. We pay the same amount of attention to our culture as we do on our daily work. The main focus of our hiring philosophy is to strengthen our teams.





We are hiring for following positions:

Career Starter | Skopje
Programmers / Developers | Skopje
Systems Administration | Skopje
Business Management | Skopje
  • Talent Manager
Business Management | Stuttgart
  • CEO für Spin-Off Unternehmen
  • E-Commerce Shop-Manager
  • ERP Functional Consultant & Delivery Manager

At Simplify ERP, we think in teams. In fact, we operate in 3

  • Multichannel E-Commerce
  • ERP and Workflow Engines
  • Systems Infrastructure

Each of our team members is armed with unique skills set combined with strong analytical and quick learning abilities. We value the autonomy and independence of our employees. They have the freedom to express their creativity and take initiative.

We are glad that you are interested in some of our career openings. Regardless if you are a career starter eager to learn and grow or an experienced professional, we look forward to receive your application. 

Application Information


  • Please send your Application/CV to
  • Interviews will be held at our office in Skopje Centar or video call on Google Hangouts
  • We accept applications throughout the year.

We value open-mindedness, the ability to approach a situation from multiple angles, a greater asset than intelligence.

Have Fun with your Work

“People who work in an environment where doing their best is recognized have a better chance of feeling good about their work.” – Marylin Suttle

We strive to create a great working environment that delivers high productivity and fun at the same time. For us this is a proven way to ensure employee satisfaction and build camaraderie.

In the end, if you’re lucky enough to find something you’re good at and love doing, you’re less likely to think of it as “just work.”

Language is the Boundary of your Opportunities

We encourage our employees to never stop developing their skill set. By providing them free German lessons we bring them closer to the culture of our clients, help them boost their confidence and encourage their creativity.

As you know, happy employees equal a happy company!


Industriestraße 24b
D-70565 Stuttgart – Deutschland

Tel. +49-711-7947-2394


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