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Article Number Management

odoo’s Internal Reference numbers are meant to serve as article-numbers for product-based companies. They however often lead to duplicates and follow no particular organization of article identification numbers.

CommerceCore™ extends these odoo Internal Refs. to provide organized management of article numbers.

Scheme of the Article Number

CommerceCore™ provides the following components for structured article numbers.

  • A prefix (ex. specific to your company)
  • An 8 digit number (accommodating 100 million unique parent and variant products)
  • suffix for every variant combination, identified by the attribute’s first initially (ex. c for color, s for size) and the odoo database ID for the attribute-value (ex. 1 for white color, and 3 for size L, making the variant suffix c1-s3 for large sized white color variant).

Example: CC-12345678-c1-s3

Script to Assign Article IDs

Do some products in your catalog already have some Internal Refs., but not uniformly all products?

To enable you to clean up your article-numbers and introduce systematic identifiers, CommereCore™ ships with a script that creates uniform article-numbers according to above scheme and stores them in the standard odoo Internal Refs. field.

Also, any existing old Internal Refs. are copied to an additional old_internal_refs field. This field is not editable.

Overwrite the Internal References

Some times you don’t want to use the above script to assign article-numbers to effect change to the whole database at once.

In order to selectively assign ANs according to the new schema, CommerceCore™ provides a button on the product document to replace existing Internal Refs. with the new article-numbers.

Remove / Create Product from Sales Documents

Have you been annoyed at how Odoo allows for creation of products by users on the fly, for example while setting up a Quotation?

CommerceCore™ does not allow that anymore. It is not possible to create new products from these modules, by any user.

  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Accounting
  • Returns
  • Manufacturing

CommerceCore™ users with permissions to the Inventory module can create new products. Also, it is possible to create products by users who have permissions to manage products management views in Sales and Purchase modules.

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